Veer S Shrivastav

My Repositories

CODBC v1.0 Release

CODBC is a open source Pro*C framewrork for connection between C++ and Oracle. CODBC has connection safe functions which enable easy Oracle and C++ communication.

Phragon v1.0 - Php MySQL Library

Phragon is a free PHP library which enables easy communication between Php and MySQL. This library uses Object Oriented concept for safe and easy implimentation.

My Tech-Stack Interests

Using PHP and MySQL at Server end communicating with client using JSON String received by AngularJS and JQuery. Whereas UI built with integrating Bootstrap and application CSS using SASS.
I like responsive web designing, using JQuery, JQuery Mobile, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Ionic, foundation etc...
I also like building native android application, with SQLite as local storage for phone. The application would communicate with PHP-MySQL server which will send a JSON Response for every request made by the Android application.
I have recently taken up with developing application in Phonegap, which uses web-view to render application developed using HTML, CSS and Javascript. The application would communicate to PHP server using JSON string.